Tendinitis Discussion

Tendinitis is due to inflammation involving tendons at sites of pressure or shearing forces. Many patients have an anatomic predisposition to this problem, and develop symptoms spontaneously. Patients may also develop this problem after a regional injury. Tendinitis may be progressive or recurrent. Localized tendon enlargement may result in clicking or triggering with movement. Treatment options include therapy, antiinflammatory medication, splinting, local cortisone injection or surgery to decompress the tendon. Problems include persistent soreness and possible recurrence. Specific problems with treatment include painful scars, stiffness and persistence or recurrence of symptoms. Usually, the number of steroid injections in the same tendon sheath is limited to a maximum of two because of the possibility of tendon rupture from multiple injections. Additional injections may be given in selected sites which do not have a well defined tendon sheath. Surgery is usually successful at relieving triggering, but symptoms of soreness, pain and stiffness may persist.

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