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Thanks for taking the time to contact me. I make regular improvements on the site based on input from visitors, and truly appreciate it - it's really the only way I have to tell whether or not this project is a worthwhile donation of my time and money to the internet community... So good or bad, let me know - and help improve the site for other people like you.
But please don't ask me!

I'm very sorry, but it's just not possible for me to reply personally to individual email requests for medical advice or information. This is not a hotline or an advice service. If you want to schedule an appointment to be seen, please call the office at 561-746-7686 9:00-5:00 EST.

I can't do on line or over the phone consultations, and email requests for information will not be answered - sorry... You really need to contact your own physician for advice about specific medical conditions.
Don't despair, there are plenty of available hand surgery resources for you here.
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Charles Eaton MD