Latest e-Hand search tool updated May 2000 
Update your Browser now!
Conventional searching can be done with a standard site search forms such as this , but the eHand site has been redesigned around an incredibly more simple and flexible device - the e-Hand search tool, which you should begin using now. This free tool will allow you to run a site search, Medline search or other search - instantly, automatically - using words or phrases you have highlighted on any page - on this or any other web site! Highlight the text, click search, and away you go. No typing. No typing errors. No looking for the search engine URL. It couldn't be more simple.

How do you start? Two steps.
Step 1.
  • PC: Right-click and hold the link as appropriate for your browser (Netscape vs Internet Explorer), then drag and drop it to your browser's bookmark bar (Netscape calls these "Personal Bookmarks", Explorer calls these "Links")
  • Mac: Click on the Netscape hypertext, . When the search page opens, add this page to your bookmarks.
The links to drag and drop: 
e-Hand Search (PC Netscape Version and all Mac versions) 
e-Hand Search (PC Explorer Version)

If you want to see a mini-movie of the process for the PC, click here for the demo Netscape movie or  Explorer movie.
Step 2. Use it  for an instant search! Highlight any text on your screen with your mouse, then click on the e-Hand Search bookmark. This will open a search window pre-loaded with the text you just selected.  Choose your engine, click and you're there! 

The e-Hand Search Tool is based on the bookmarklet utility, using tiny Javascript scripts and the bookmark function of your browser. It is just a bookmark. Nothing to download, nothing to install. If you try it and don't like it, delete the bookmark and it's gone. Welcome to the future of searching!

  Charles Eaton MD