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Comprehensive / General Textbook
Burke F D, McGrouther D A, Smith P J 1990 Principles of Hand Surgery. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh.
Green D P 1993 Operative Hand Surgery. Churchill Livingstone, New York.
Lamb D W, Hooper G, Kuczynski 1989 The Practice of Hand Surgery 2nd ed. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Edinburgh.
Lister G D 1993 The Hand: Diagnosis and Indications 3rd ed. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh.
Peimer C A 1996 Surgery of the Hand and Upper Extremity. McGraw-Hill, New York.
Saffar P, Amadio P C, Foucher G 1997 Current Practice in Hand Surgery. CV Mosby, St. Louis.
Tubiana R 1981 The Hand Vol I. WB Saunders, Philadelphia.
Tubiana R 1985 The Hand Vol II. WB Saunders, Philadelphia.
Tubiana R 1988 The Hand Vol III. WB Saunders, Philadelphia.
Tubiana R 1993 The Hand Vol IV. WB Saunders, Philadelphia.
Tubiana R 1999 The Hand Vol V. WB Saunders, Philadelphia.
Zancolli E Structural and Dynamic Bases of Hand Surgery. JB Lipincott, Philadelphia.

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